Co-working Booking T&C

Arklow Business Enterprise Centre T&C – Coworking Space / Hot Desks

By paying for this service, you have hereby agreed to the following terms of use for Arklow Business Enterprise Centre (ABEC):

1. You are given authority by the Licensor to use the Licensed Space without becoming entitled to exclusive possession. You will occupy the Licensed Space as a bare licensee only. You are not entitled to any tenancy rights having a personal privilege but no interest in the land.

2. You will use the Licensed for the purposes of the Permitted Use only.

3. You must pay punctually all amounts demanded by the Licensor in connection with your use of the Licensed Space (including, but not limited to the Licence Fee and the Service Charge);

4. You shall keep the Licensed Space clean, neat and tidy and free from any rubbish or fire or health hazard.

5. You must comply with all the provisions and requirements of any Act or Acts of the Oireachtas now or hereafter to be passed and every order regulation notice and bye-law made under or in pursuance of such Acts or by any local or other authority in respect of your use of the Licensed Space.

6. You must comply with all directions made by the Licensor in respect of ABEC, the Licensed Space and your use of same (up to and including vacating same).

7. You shall indemnify the Licensor against all claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses (to include legal costs and expenses) which the Licensor may suffer as a direct or indirect result of, any action or omission or conduct by the you, your agents, employees, invitees, proprietors, partners or officers or in consequence of any death of, or any bodily injury, harm, pain or suffering happening to any person or property on or at the Licensed Space arising directly or indirectly from the activities carried out from the Licensed Space by you, your agents, employees, proprietors, partners, officers or invitees.

8. You hereby expressly agree and acknowledge that the Licensor may terminate your use of the Licensed Space at any time, for whatever reason (without notice) and you must thereafter immediately vacate (and procure that your agents, employees and invitees vacate) the Licensed Space and ABEC and make good any damage caused to the Licensed Space during your occupation of same.

“ABEC” means the site and co-working office space (both private offices and communal) known as Arklow Business Enterprise Centre (together with all additions or alterations thereto);

“Licence Fee” means the agreed fee to be paid by you to the Licensor in connection with your use of the Licensed Space;

“Licensed Space” means such area which is adequate for the purposes of the Permitted Use by the Licensee as the Licensor may from time to time designate;

“Licensor” means Arklow Business Enterprise Centre, Kilbride Industrial Estate, Arklow, Co Wicklow, Y14 T440; and

“Permitted Use” means use of ABEC for the purposes of co-working in a collaborative office workspace.